Public Service Company Regulation and Deregulation

Our lawyers have represented investor-owned public service companies in more than 30 proceedings before the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and its predecessor, the Department of Public Utility Control. We have also represented interveners and other interested parties in proceedings involving Connecticut's electric utilities. Proceedings at the PURA and DPUC have included all aspects of applications for approval of rates (including cost of capital, rate design, and expense recovery), secured and unsecured financings, holding company formations, asset transactions and mergers.

Under deregulation, numerous private suppliers have been furnishing services that were formerly provided exclusively by public service companies. We represent private suppliers of energy (both electric and natural gas) and telecommunications. We assist these companies in the licensing process and with ongoing regulatory matters, both in Connecticut and other states, before the applicable public service commissions and authorities. We also provide guidance with legal matters in connection with ongoing business operations, in some cases acting as outside general counsel.

Our Business and Finance lawyers provide services in the following areas, among others:

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